Why Elopement Photography is More Than Beautiful Portraits

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Elopement photography is quite a bit different than traditional wedding photography. I’m super chill and laid-back, but I’m pretty involved in your elopement day logistics, from the planning and location scouting to keeping us on track the day of. I’m kind of your travel advisor-elopement planner-photographer-extraordinaire.

I am going to explain to you why elopement photography is more than beautiful portraits and what sort of shots I like to take during an elopement, so you receive a wedding album full of the most unforgettable photographs of your memories!

6 Types of Photos I Take During an Elopement 

The candid shots

Elopements and weddings in general can be dramatic, emotional, and a rollercoaster of events – and they can easily be posed a lot of the time. However, some couples have jumped on the bandwagon of abandoning the need to appear perfect.

They simply want their photographers to capture more natural and less staged moments – which is what elopements are all about – enjoying the moment for how they truly are and simply just enjoying your time with no stress.

Therefore, elopement photography should heavily involve capturing candid moments throughout the day that show your true emotions. My philosophy for my approach to elopements is for us to plan a day that you will truly enjoy, and then I’ll photograph you having fun. That makes more sense to me than taking pictures in pretty places just pretending to be happy.

The emotions

Your elopement wedding is a huge rollercoaster of emotions, there is no hiding it! The eye-watering moments to the thrilled look on your face as you partake in that elopement activity you chose to do. 

You’ll appreciate looking back at all of the emotions because during the moment you won’t even realise how intense it can be – but your face will show it all!

You will remember the beam on your face as you make it to the top of the mountain, or the teary eyes you have as your partner reads their personal vows.

Your emotions tell a story in themselves! 

Your first look

Following on from the previous point, this moment is full of emotion and it’s such an awesome moment to capture on camera.

Elopement photography will capture both of your reactions when you see eachother in a chosen setting – this is a tradition that many eloping couples are choosing to do as it takes away the pressure of other eyes being on them, and it is intimate – which is what elopements are all about, right!?

A first look gives you the opportunity to connect, reflect, and celebrate with just the two of you.

Personal vows

There is something so special about personal vows – the idea that you aren’t reading out what every other person has read to their partner – it is so much more thoughtful, powerful and genuine! Words that come from your partner’s heart and how they truly feel about you.

So, this is another perfect elopement photography opportunity that reminds you of this intimate moment, which may involve a few tears or cheesy grins!

Although, it is your elopement  – so if you decide to scrap the personal vows, then that is fine too! Whatever works for you.  


You may be thinking, what do you mean by achievements? By this I mean– the moment you reach the peak of the trail at Joshua Tree– the overwhelming feeling of ‘I made it!’ and the excitement on your face will say it all. 

Or, the moment you declare a married couple you will feel all of the emotions – that is an achievement too. 

Maybe you have decided to do a crazy activity such as bungee jumping, the thrill you get after you have made the jump – you will be telling your partner all about the feelings you felt.

All of these little things tell the story of your elopement day and it is so fun to capture and look back on so you can live the day all over again! 


Following on from the previous point, it is so much fun to look back on the activities that took place during your elopement day. The things you choose to do are a huge part of what an elopement is – doing the things that you both genuinely enjoy and that fill you with joy. 

So, elopement photography is way more than just beautiful portraits—it captures all of the exciting activities that you did—from the event itself to the emotions that took part during the activity and the locations in which it is being held. It all tells a story: your elopement story.

You can look back on your photos with family and friends and show them exactly what you did – the old adage of a picture being worth 1,000 words – your elopement photos will speak for themselves.

Maybe one of the activities you choose to do is something you both want to tick off your bucket list, so capturing it in all its excitement is something you won’t regret doing.

But isn’t an elopement meant to be intimate?

One problem some couples face is that hiring an elopement photographer to join them takes away the intimacy. Let’s talk about this…

As an elopement photographer and outdoor enthusiast myself, I am a super laid-back person who just kinda blends into the background. I won’t spend the day talking to you unless ya’ll want to chat. I will get to know you both well beforehand, so you’ll feel at ease as if a friend is with you. Creating safe, comfortable spaces where my couples feel like the can truly be themselves is my specialty.

Also, this is my job, and I do it all the time. I am in my element when I am behind the camera and solely focusing on capturing all of those moments for you. I am not there to judge you or interrupt anything. I know how to read a room (or a trail) and give moments room to breathe.

I will never take away the intimacy of your day.

Are you ready to book your elopement photography?

Now you know why elopement photography is more than beautiful portraits; you can feel confident that you will receive a gallery full of real moments and raw emotions, beautifully and honestly documented.

And, as an elopement photographer, I would love to get to know you, experience your unique adventure and capture your forever memories! Let’s chat.

For more about what it’s like to work with me, click HERE.

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