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kristen + john
"Our photos look more like art than two awkward people."
documenting love, curating adventures
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I'm a calming presence behind the camera, focusing on documentary-style wedding coverage and capturing candid moments. We all need a photo our grandma can proudly display on the fridge, but let’s be real – you’re anything but typical.

You’ve got incredible style, a captivating love story, and energy that bursts through the lens. You deserve photos that reflect your vibe, celebrating you at your most alive, not just your most perfectly posed and put together. I aim to capture those scrapbook-worthy moments, the ones that might make grandma blush, and the ones you’ll look back on and say, “That is so perfectly us.”

Because it's not just about the location of the photos. It's about the people in them.

Trends will come and go, but the story of people will never go out of style. This is why it's so important to have someone trustworthy to tell your story.

Are you ready to document your unique love story? Let’s capture your adventure together!

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I'M A DOCUMENTARY destination WEDDING + adventure elopement PHOTOGRAPHER IN JOSHUA TREE, CA & St. Louis, MO.


"Our photos are all beautiful and look more like art than two very awkward people. She takes candid shots that perfectly capture all of the emotions of the day, but she is also a rock star at corralling your family to get those important portrait shots in, too. Jaimie was so helpful in choosing locations to shoot, she was a Godsend when it came to figuring out the wedding day timeline, and she was more than willing to jump in & help with wardrobe and flower fiascos. Thanks for everything, Jaimie!" -- Kristen + John

"I found Jaimie and fell in love with her beautiful style, her photos artfully capture the light and shadows and this is exactly what I wanted. I got to just enjoy time with my new husband and friends and she stayed in the background just capturing every moment. Nothing irritates me more than 500 stiff posed photos and fake forced laughter pictures, but looking through our album, every reaction is genuine and real and makes me smile to just remember the moment. She perfectly captured my relationship with my husband. In regards to the actual posed photos, because everyone gets at least a few, she really knew how to get everyone's attention and efficiently get the families together, lined up, and smiling. It was very no nonsense which is exactly what you need when everyone's excited and distracted and in the way. I hate taking photos but this was just so easy and relaxed and I love my wedding photos." — Meggie + Luke

"Jaimie is our go-to photographer. My husband and I were nervous to be in front of the camera and she not only made every moment of photos fun, but she brought out beauty we didn't know existed. Not only is she so amazingly talented with the camera, but she also was a joy to have by our sides the day of the wedding. We are so grateful to have chosen her." — Alexandra + James

"Jaimie was a delight & sense of relaxation. We were blessed to have Jaimie as our photographer. She made our day seamless and enjoyable. Jaimie was able to work with our crazy schedule and she captured every beautiful moment.
Her work and service went above and beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of. We will continue to use her services for the rest of our lives. We thank her for making our day be a forever visual reminder of love, happiness, and enjoyment!" -- Daniela + Eric

"she perfectly captured our relationship."


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