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Animal Lover
Coffee Addict
Adventure Seeker
Memory Maker

I'm Jaimie. Queen of the awkward. Animal lover. Coffee drinker. Cake aficionado. 
I enjoy long walks down Target clearance aisles and wasting vast amounts of time watching HGTV. 
I live for road trips and exploring new places. My hiking boots see more action than any pair of high heels. 
I love mutual weirdness, and celebrating uniqueness + individuality + quirks. 
I work out 5 days a week, but you'd never know by looking at me. Also, if you see me, I'm probably in workout clothes. 
I photograph people in an honest way, and keep things relaxed so your photos are authentically, genuinely you.

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Im jaimie

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"Cake always makes it worth it."
- Jaimie -

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