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I'm Jaimie. A wedding and people photographer based in Joshua Tree, CA and St. Louis, MO. Mama to Gigi. Cat person. Feminist. Houseplant collector. Metal head. Avid life-long thrifter. I dislike pants and Diet Culture. I believe that Love is Love and Black Lives Matter. I'm an OG weird kid with a pretty good sense of humor. I've always been whatever the opposite of cool is, and not in the way that not cool is cool now. But I think when I'm 80, it'll work in my favor and I'll be like, super badass. I don't really follow trends and I don't do slang or buzz words. I just say fuck a lot instead. Fuck is timeless. It never goes out of style. Kind of like a good black and white photo. 

To me, photography is the most beautiful marriage of art and connection. It’s so much more than a job, and you are so much more than just another client in a gallery. Each client is close to my heart, and I can still remember details and vows and moments of every session I’ve had the privilege to witness. For a creative soul, it’s truly a dream come true to share these intimate, milestone moments and turn them into art that you can treasure forever.

To me, photography is the most beautiful marriage of

art and connection.

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In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “It’s not about what you look at. It’s what you see.” I believe in photographing those little things you might not even notice that capture your flow as a couple. The in-between moments, glances, crinkle-eye smiles, goosebumps. There’s nothing more beautiful and fascinating to me than the pure joy, excitement, and comfort of two people wildly in love. 

There’s no need for perfect poses, perfect weather, perfect outfits, or a perfect location to capture the perfect memory. It’s about a snapshot in time - those photos that allow you to hold a feeling in your hands.

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 Your love

What sets me apart is not just my passion for documenting genuine moments, but also my commitment to providing a seamless and enriching experience for every couple. With over 20 years of experience in photography, I have honed my skills in both film and digital formats, blending the nostalgic charm of film with the clarity and versatility of digital photography. This combination allows me to create a diverse and timeless collection of images that truly reflect the essence of your story.

As a certified travel advisor, I bring an added layer of expertise to your elopement or destination wedding. I offer personalized travel planning services, ensuring that every detail of your journey is meticulously arranged. From securing exclusive perks and promotions at top destinations to crafting custom itineraries that enhance your wedding experience, I handle all the logistics so you can focus on enjoying your special day.

My approach is rooted in authenticity and connection. I take the time to get to know you as a couple, understanding your vision and what makes your relationship unique. This personal connection allows me to capture the true essence of your love story, whether it’s through the lens of a spontaneous adventure or an intimate, quiet moment shared between you. My goal is to document these moments in a way that feels natural and unobtrusive, allowing your genuine emotions and connections to shine through.

Every couple’s journey is unique, and your photos should reflect that. By combining my expertise in photography and travel, I offer a comprehensive service that goes beyond just taking pictures. I aim to create an experience that is as memorable and meaningful as the photos themselves, celebrating your love in a way that is true to you.

In my free time, I spend a lot of time at our cabin in Twentynine Palms, CA, hiking in Joshua Tree National Park, enjoying the desert and mountains, exploring Palm Springs, and off-roading in Anza-Borrego State Park

I photograph a lot of intimate desert weddings and adventure elopements in Joshua Tree, CA and Las Vegas, NV. I also photograph non-traditional weddings and fat neutral boudoir photography in St. Louis, MO, where I have photography studio just across the river in historic Alton, IL. 

My Unique approach to photography

Elopement Photography

Elopements hold a special place in my heart. The intimacy and authenticity of an elopement allow for a unique and personal celebration of love. As both an elopement photographer and a travel advisor, I provide comprehensive services to ensure your elopement is stress-free and unforgettable. From location scouting and securing permits to creating personalized travel itineraries, I handle every detail. All you need to do is revel in the moment while I capture the magic of your love story.


Documentary Wedding Photography

My documentary wedding photography approach ensures that your wedding day is captured as it naturally unfolds. I focus on the authentic moments and emotions, creating a timeless record of your special day. From the quiet, candid exchanges to the joyous celebrations, I aim to tell the true story of your wedding through my lens. No staged poses or forced smiles, just genuine, heartfelt memories that you’ll cherish forever.


Portrait Photography

Portrait sessions with me are all about capturing your essence in a relaxed and natural setting. Whether it’s an engagement shoot, a family session, or individual portraits, I strive to create a comfortable environment where you can be yourself. I focus on the genuine expressions and connections that make you unique, delivering portraits that reflect your true self and the special bonds you share with your loved ones.



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