About me.

a documentary photographer

I'm based in St. Louis, MO and Joshua Tree, CA. Mama to Gigi. Cat person. Feminist. Houseplant collector. Metal head. Avid life-long thrifter. I dislike pants and Diet Culture. I believe that Love is Love and Black Lives Matter. I’m an OG weird kid with a pretty good sense of humor. I’ve always been whatever the opposite of cool is, and not in the way that not cool is cool now. But I think when I’m 80 it’ll work in my favor and I’ll be like, super badass. I really don’t follow trends and I don’t do slang or buzz words. I just say fuck a lot instead. Fuck is timeless. It never goes out of style. Kind of like a good black and white photo.


Joshua Tree, CA
St. Louis, MO

My husband and I are from St. Louis, MO. It's where some of our family lives and many of our friends. But we love the desert. It's where I feel most at peace. It's the place that speaks to my heart and soul. 
We have a cabin with 5 acres in Twentynine Palms, CA, just outside of Joshua Tree National Park, where we love to spend time exploring the southern California desert. 
I split my time between St. Louis, where I shoot a lot of documentary weddings and Missouri adventure elopements, and Twentynine Palms, CA, where I shoot a lot of Joshua Tree elopements and adventure elopements in the desert. 

Jess + Christina
Jaimie should be at the top of your list! 

Not only is she extremely talented but she is also very warm and personable. She's creative, responsive, and dependable. Jaimie knows exactly how to get people to feel comfortable in front of a camera. Rather than cueing forced-looking poses, she truly captures the true essence of her clients and how they interact with each other.

Kristen + john
Our photos look like art!

Our photos are all beautiful and look more like art than two very awkward people. She takes candid shots that perfectly capture all of the emotions of the day, but is also a rock star at corralling your family to get those important portrait shots in, too. Jaimie was so helpful in choosing locations to shoot, she was a Godsend when it came to figuring out the wedding day timeline, and she was more than willing to jump in & help with wardrobe and flower fiascos. Thanks for everything, Jaimie!

Daniela + Eric
Jaimie was a delight & sense of relaxation.

We were blessed to have Jaimie Krause as our photographer. She made our day seamless and enjoyable. Jaimie was able to work with our crazy schedule and she captured every beautiful moment. Her work and service went above and beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of. We will continue to use her services for the rest of our lives. We thank her for making our day be a forever visual reminder of love, happieness, and enjoyment!

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