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I love showing the connections between families, and showcasing individuality. whether a headshot or family session, I will show all the unique beauty that is you. 

My approach is laidback, gently guided and fun. I create a safe space where you can feel free to be yourself and interact unscripted. 

I steer away from stiff, unnatural poses and “say cheese!” commands. I encourage interaction and silliness. I focus on documenting the relationships and connections between family members.  For me, it's all about the small moments and everyone's individual quirks. 

Life is messy and no one is perfect, and that's ok. It's what makes us who we are, and what makes every family unique.  

Let me show off all of your perfectly messy realness. 

You can view my Family Session Guide HERE with more info on my collections, as well as how to choose a location and how to prep for your family session. 

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I specialize in documentary lifestyle photography that captures real moments as they unfold. My portrait sessions are all about playful self-expression and reigniting your connection to yourself and the people you love most. My approach is laidback, gently guided, and fun. 

Portrait sessions include your session time, my What to Wear guide, and assistance with selecting a location for your shoot. Prints and digital images are purchased separately and start at $125.

30 mins $150 / 60 mins $250

My time with my family is important to me, so if you're willing to travel to me, and book your session at St. Charles Community College I offer a 50% discount on your session fee for 30 or 60 minute sessions. For Film Sessions, you'll get a second set of prints for coming to me! 

St. Charles Community College has a TON of variety for photos. There's tall prairie grass fields, some cool architecture, manicured garden areas, and a beautiful lawn with gorgeous shade trees. 

cottleville sessions - 50% off



I love the look of film. It captures colors and skin tones so much differently than digital. It feels nostalgic and special and like something that should be cherished. It's perfectly imperfect, just like us.  Each image is unique and you'll get to share with your kids the experience of holding the photo in your hands as you see it for the first time.

Film sessions are $300, and include two rolls of film. You can choose all color, all black and white, or both. And because photos are meant to be held in your hands, not viewed on a screen, you'll also get a 4x6 print box of all the photos from your session. 

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