Springtime Little Piney Lodge Wedding and Reception

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How would you describe your wedding experience?

Planning the wedding definitely had its stressful moments but our wedding day was filled with so much love, joy and fun that it made it all worth it. It was an amazing day of just having our family and friends come together and help us celebrate our love for each other.

What things were most important to you when wedding planning? What were your wishes for your wedding day?

We really wanted to make sure that everyone had a great time at the wedding and reception. We approached our wedding as if it was just going to be a big party with our closest friends and family. Pappys did a fantastic job catering and we got a lot of great comments about the food, open bar and Dj MiKeith both during and after the wedding.

What advice would you give to other couples for their wedding day?

Make sure to prioritize what you want from your wedding early on and have fun with it.

Was there anything that surprised you on the wedding day?

Probably how well everything seemed to flow from the ceremony to the dinner to the reception. It seemed like one moment we were saying our vows and the next thing we knew it was time to close the dance floor. It went by so fast!

What was your first thought when you woke up the morning of the wedding?

Combination of nerves, excitement and relief. Excitement for what the day would bring and the joy we would feel, a little bit of nerves because we knew there were going to random things that popped up and relief that the day was finally here after all the planning.

Tell me about how you each felt when you saw each other for the first time.

Lydia: Definitely felt like I was at a loss for words when I turned around and saw Dany. She is gorgeous every day but she just had this radiance about her and she looked incredible in her dress, and just seeing her smile made me want to smile even more.
Dany: It was definitely a feeling of “yeah this is right”. Of course there’s all the nerves beforehand and that overwhelming feeling of oh man this is the person I’m choosing to be with forever. It was great to feel that 100% confidence that I had the right person in front of me.

What was your first dance song and how did you choose it?

Stay with You by John Legend. We spent a whole evening on Spotify just going through different wedding songs and love songs to identify our walk out song, entrance song, first dance song and cake cutting song. When Stay with You came on, we both looked at each other and knew that it felt right for the first dance song.

Tell me how you felt during the reception.

On top of the world. It was great to interact with everyone, have a drink with them, dance with them and just share our joy with everyone. We could not have asked for a better reception.

What was your favorite part of the day?

Definitely the reception. It was great to drink and dance with our friends and family for the first time in a long time. Everyone was laughing and having so much fun.

What were you most anxious/nervous/fearful about regarding your wedding day and what was the outcome?

We were a little worried about the weather because the previous day had been overcast and a little cold. But it seemed like the clouds parted right as our ceremony began and the weather was perfect the whole day.

When planning your wedding, what photos were most important to you and why?

Family photos and the candid photos during the reception. Having our families there was incredibly important especially after the past year and we wanted to capture that. Additionally, we knew that candid photos would be the best for reliving the memories of that day and the joy we felt all day.

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