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Hello… and thank you!

It means the world that you chose me to capture images of your family! I look forward to working with you to create new memories and gorgeous images. Family portraiture is an investment, and I work hard to capture your family in a natural way that captures the essence of this time in your lives.

My welcome guide lays out what to expect from your experience with me, as well as to give helpful tips on making our time together a success.

family session guide

I reschedule in case of severe weather, including, but not limited to snow, ice, rain, thunderstorms, extreme heat or humidity, extreme cold, extreme wind, or any weather deemed unsafe by the photographer. I do NOT reschedule for cloudy weather.

The client is allowed ONE reschedule for whatever reason (illness, schedule conflicts, etc.). If you must cancel your session due to illness or other personal emergency, please do your best to provide the studio with 24 hours notice so that your session time can be made available to other clients. Failure to provide adequate notice of a cancellation will result in the forfeiture of your session fees, and another session fee payment will be required to hold your new date.
Please understand that during my busiest times (the fall), we might not be able to reschedule for a long period of time. (Please note that this does not pertain to weather reschedules!)

Please arrive to your session a few minutes early. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you forfeit your session as well as your session fees. I understand that traffic happens, so if you do get stuck in traffic, please let me know ASAP. If you are late to an evening session, you will have a smaller gallery / selection of images due to the missed session time. The amount of time that you are late to your session will be deducted from your session time.

Session Fees
The full session fee is due at the time of booking, along with a signed contract, in order to hold the agreed upon session date.

Studio policies

I have a few options for family sessions, a 30 minute mini-session or a 60 minute full session.

30 minute sessions are $150, and 60 minute sessions are $250. If you have a baby or small child, sometimes 30 minute sessions work best for them. 30 minute sessions are also great for getting just a few groupings of the entire family. If you're wanting to get a bunch of different groupings, individual shots of each kid, and maybe some photos of just the two of you, then it's best to do a 60 minute session. 

The session fee includes your session time, my What to Wear guide with shopping links, and assistance with selecting a location for your shoot. 

Sessions are done any day M-F. Full sessions are for up to 5 people. Each additional person is $10.

There is a $150 upcharge to schedule on a weekend. My weekend dates do book several months in advance. If you'd like to schedule for a weekend, please contact me for my availability! 

For a weekday session, you can view my calendar HERE for a 30 minute session, or HERE for a 60 minute session. 

Session Fee



Collection I

7 Digital Downloads


Collection III

Full Gallery Download


Collection II

15 Digital Downloads


4x6 Print Box with one print of each image from the session $200

** Add a roll of black and white film with a 4x6 print of each image $125 **
** Add a roll of color film with a 4x6 print of each image $125 **
** must be added on no later than one week before the session date to allow time for film delivery **

Choosing a location can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. I work with each of my families to help narrow down a location that’s a great fit for their family, as well as their desired look for their photos. My mini sessions are 30 minutes, and my full sessions are 60 minutes. In my experience, kids won’t last much longer than an hour. Keeping that in mind, I suggest one location that offers a variety of looks without having to walk very far. I also suggest avoiding areas with playgrounds- if kids can see the playground, it’s over. They’re going to ask every 2 minutes if they can play on the playground yet. If playground photos aren’t something you had in mind for your photos, then we’ll want to avoid parks with playgrounds. If playground photos sound like fun, then let’s do it! But we’ll def want to save that for the end of your session. 

choosing a location

prepping your family 

Make sure you don't have a ton of stuff in your pockets. (And definitely no phones in the pockets!) Bring a tote bag with you for all of the stuff in your pockets, as well as those snacks, a bottle of water, tissues, and whatever else you might need. 
Make sure you don't have a hair tie on your wrist! Take it off before you leave the house so it doesn't leave a mark. 

dress like yourself


I want you to be comfortable, confident, and feel fantastic. If you're not sure what to wear, or you are finding yourself stressing about it, send me a few photos and I can help you choose outfits! (I'll also be sending you my What to Wear Guide with outfit ideas.)
If you're running short on time, you can always check out styling services. Stitch Fix is a popular one, and now carries plus size and men's and children's clothes! 
Ultimately, just be yourselves! It's totally, 100% okay if that's super casual. 

I cannot stress this enough, especially in the spring and fall when weather is such a variable. If it’s cold, layer clothing, and wear coats. Cold kids are crabby kids. If it’s hot, don’t force your kids to wear pants and long sleeves. If they’re miserable, it’s going to show. I know you might’ve had your heart set on sundresses in spring or sweaters in fall, but if you wouldn’t send them to school in a sleeveless dress on a 50 degree day, or in a turtleneck sweater on an 85 degree day, don’t wear it to your session. 

Leave the extra stuff at home

I know how stressful family photos can be!

Before the session, be honest with kids, and let them know we are going to take photos together. It’s best NOT to threaten your children before the session with punishments if they don’t behave. Kids will automatically dislike and distrust me. Instead, talk the session up! Tell them that we are going to play games, and they’re going to get to be silly, and at the end of the session, if they listened well to the photographer, you’ll get ice cream / go to the playground / or whatever your favorite family reward is.

the day of your session

Before your session: make sure no one is hungry. Depending on the time of year (which determines session time) either eat dinner or eat a little snack before you leave the house, and make sure to bring a few easy, non-messy snacks with you to your session in case any little ones (or dads) get cranky.

If it’s a warm day, make sure you have plenty of water with you, as well as a sweat rag to wipe those faces. Keep in mind, if it’s super hot, you guys will probably look like it was super hot. Kids get red faces and sweaty hair, and there’s nothing I can do about that. If I feel like the heat or humidity are too much that day, I will contact you about rescheduling. I don’t want any of us (especially babies and toddlers!) getting heat sick (including me)!

If your little ones still take naps, make sure they haven’t skipped their nap that day. (And if you need a nap, then make sure you take one, too!)

If any of your kids are sick (or have a fever, or a runny nose, etc.) let me know so we can reschedule your session. Sick kids are crabby kids, and there’s nothing I can do about that. If your kids always seem to have a runny nose, make sure you bring lots of soft tissues with you to your session. (Scratchy tissues can cause redness on the face, which will show in photos. No, I do not photoshop out snot or redness.) Please note that the client is allowed ONE reschedule.

Arrive to your session location a few minutes early, fully dressed and ready to go. If you’re a family that’s always late for everything, then make sure to plan for that. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your session, you forfeit your session and your session fee.

During your session, you can expect to relax and have fun while I coach you and your family through fun poses and activities that will make your photos look and feel natural. Don’t worry about your kids’ behavior! We all know kids will always behave better for strangers than their own parents. Let me give the commands, and you relax! (And please, please, please for the love of everything, do not tell your kids to smile! They definitely won’t if you tell them to!) Kids will feed off of their parents’ moods, so try not to stress!

after your session

My turnaround time for family sessions is 2-3 weeks. 

Your images are delivered via a digital download in an online gallery, which I will send you the link to as soon as it is ready. In a separate email from that, I will send instructions on how to select your collection. My collections all include print credit from the gallery store.

You can share your gallery link with anyone you’d like. You’re in full control of who can have access to the photos, as well as if you’d like them to be able to share photos.

If you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to contact me!