3 Fun Things To Do Instead of a Sparkler Exit

May 12, 2022

Sparkler Exits look cool, but they aren’t always a feasible option for several reasons:

  • Many venues do not allow sparklers
  • Your reception venue might not have a place to do a sparkler exit
  • It might not be in your budget to have your photographer stay til the end of your reception
  • The weather might not cooperate

Why Sparkler Exits aren’t all their hyped up to be

It’s dangerous.

Guests accidentally burn themselves all the time. The photographer and venue staff get burned all the time. Sometimes the bride catches on fire. The last thing you want for people to remember about your wedding is that they got burned. It really negates all the fun stuff and overshadows the massive amounts of effort you put into making everything else perfect.

Giving drunk people long, pointy sticks of fire isn’t the best idea.

By the end of your reception, most of your guests will have already left. Any remaining guests are likely super drunk. Sparkler Exits Gone Wrong is a thing.

And honestly?

Sparkler Exits are kiiiiiiinda over done.

What can you do instead of a Sparkler Exit?

Do an exit from the ceremony!

Bubbles, flower petals, biodegradable confetti, ribbon wands, rally towels for those outdoor ceremonies… it’s all super cool. I absolutely love ceremony exits!

You can also do a traditional receiving line, if you have time. Post ceremony, there’s such a great vibe of happiness and excitement. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get so much love from your guests.

Tip: If you’re getting married in a church, do your exit outside of the church. I love getting the church or the venue in the background. Context is everything!

Do a fun reception entrance with your guests.

Hand out streamers or flags and have guests wave them as you enter and make a lap around the room.

Have a special first dance (this is my favorite)

Give your guests glow sticks and have everyone gather around at the edge of the dance floor. All these different colors of glowing light behind you as you dance will look absolutely magical!

Tip: Glow sticks also make for an insanely fun dance floor later in the evening!

I hope this was helpful for you as you’re planning your wedding!

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