Kind words from wonderful people.

"jaimie made us feel so comfortable!

We couldn't be happier with our choice of photographer! Jaimie was incredibly laid back and great a getting us to relax and look candid in our photos. As we moved around and took photos Jaimie would tell us stories and just made us feel really comfortable. She got us focused on each other to capture some really beautiful moments. There is no one else that has her eye for light and composition. We have wedding photos that are so beautiful and so us!"

Jaimie was and is awesome! From day one, she connected with me because she was so laid back and I didn't feel pressured to do or purchased anything I did not want. She listened and my wants and delivered exactly as we discussed! She made this process so easy for us and I loved that she not only captured what I asked, but she also captured those candid shots that both my husband and I were not able to see due to our getting ready for the ceremony and our actual ceremony. Jaimie was so friendly with everyone, which I liked that about her. Once our photos were ready, we were so pleased! Awesome quality and clarity that I am just in awe of it all! I will use her again I am sure, especially for my family photography needs!"

Jaimie is so down to earth, and she was exactly what we were looking for! Before the wedding, she was so helpful when we trying to figure out the timeline for the day. And on the day of the wedding she was everywhere at once! There are so many great candid photos of our guests and even of the two of us! Those are the photos that I knew would be important to us. (Besides the photos of the two of us which are so good and I love them so much!)

If you're looking for a photographer that knows what they're doing and will take charge when they need to but are laid back the rest of the time, then you need to hire Jaimie! My photos capture the day perfectly and I love seeing all the photos of the stuff going on that we weren't part of. OMG the dance floor photos might be my favorite! It takes me back to how much fun we had. Your photos really do let you re-live the day! 

"where do I even begin?!?

We were originally drawn to her portfolio because of the way that she uses light in her photos. She literally walks around, face to the sky, following the sunlight... and she is SO good at it. Our photos are all beautiful and look more like art than two very awkward people (yes, that's me and my husband) posing for cheesy photos. She takes candid shots that perfectly capture all of the emotions of the day, but is also a rock star at corralling your family to get those important portrait shots in, too. Jaimie was so helpful in choosing locations to shoot, she was a Godsend when it came to figuring out the wedding day timeline, and she was more than willing to jump in & help with wardrobe, flower, and cake cutting fiascos. Thanks for everything, Jaimie!"

Initially I was drawn to Jaimie's portfolio. I love the classic black and white photos and I really love candid photos. I didn't want my wedding photos to be staged. I was a friend's wedding and the photographer kept making us do stuff over again and it was really dumb. I knew I didn't want that for my wedding. She just took these amazing photographs of everything that happened that day, even the stuff that we didn't see happen! My mom commented that the pictures really tell a story. 
I'm so glad I hired Jaimie for my wedding day. It's probably the best decision I made (aside from my choice of spouse, lol)

Sometimes when you meet people, you just click with them, and that's what happened when we met Jaimie. She just GOT us, and what we wanted for our wedding and our wedding photos. 
She's so easy to work with, and helped us with so many things leading up to the wedding day. We had a few things not go according to plan, but Jaimie rolled with the punches and made the whole situation so much less stressful! 
And we were blown away when we got our wedding gallery! I think we spent the entire night looking through our photos and talking about the day. And yes, I cried when I looked through my photos. 
Do yourself a favor and hire Jaimie for your wedding! 

"we are so happy to have been able to work with Jaimie.


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