life is full of beautiful moments.

...Let me CAPTURE

I believe in all kinds of love, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, "coolness" factor, etc. Love is love. 

I focus on documenting moments and connections between people. Real moments with the people you love never goes out of style. It will never look dated. It will always be something you look back on fondly. 



my philosophy


i BELIEVE IN MEMORIES AND MOMENTS AND all the tiny unforgettable things that happen in between. i DANCE horribly, laugh TOO MUCH, AND HAVE MORE THAN A FEW GREAT STORIES. my CLIENTS LIKE me BECAUSE i give them space to be themselves, BUT TRUST me BECAUSE i know trust is earned, and i work like hell to earn it. MOST OF ALL, i HONESTLy, FURIOUSLY, LOVE WHAT i DO.

We are born, and we die, and in the space in between are millions of moments. Those moments are what create and shape your life. 

I believe that weddings are about people, not things. Wedding days are special because it's the only time in your life that all of those people are going to be in the same place at the same time. It will, most likely, never happen again. There are no do-overs. Every single person present cares about you. The moments on that day are so special. Your children and your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren will cherish the photos that show the truth. Because truth is not a trend. Truth will endure. 

It is a privilege to be invited to be part of such an important event in your lives. I am there as a historian, a documentarian, and a witness. I am a relentless pursuer and teller of the truth. I take my job very seriously. It doesn't matter how many weddings I photograph, it is your only, and I hold that fact close to my heart. 



Jaimie was and is awesome! From day one, she connected with me because she was so laid back and I didn't feel pressured to do or purchased anything I did not want. She listened and my wants and delivered exactly as we discussed! She made this process so easy for us and I loved that she not only captured what I asked, but she also captured those candid shots that both my husband and I were not able to see due to our getting ready for the ceremony and our actual ceremony. Jaimie was so friendly with everyone, which I liked that about her. Once our photos were ready, we were so pleased! Awesome quality and clarity that I am just in awe of it all! I will use her again I am sure, especially for my family photography needs!"

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Her laidback approach was exactly what we were looking for! I've been in so many weddings, and i just wasn't a fan of doing all the ridiculous wedding party poses or constantly being told to fake laugh or look lovingly in my partner's eyes. That stuff is just a bit much for me. Jaimie was like a fly on the wall! She stepped up and organized my crazy big family during family photos, which made the process so smooth and painless. Then she went right back to blending in with the scene! When I got my gallery, she had made us a slideshow of moments through the day. Oh my gosh I cried when I saw it! It was perfect! When I look through my photos I go right back our wedding day and I get to relive it all over again! Working with Jaimie was the best experience!"

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My husband and I had been in nearly 20 weddings collectively, so we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted in our wedding photographer. I've been in weddings where the photographer was like a hype person for the couple. It's cool, but we knew we didn't want or need anything like that. 
Jaimie put us at ease as soon as we met her. She talked about how she handles a wedding day and it just instantly clicked for us. On our wedding day, she was just this calming presence. I can't even explain how much I needed that! 
She captured all the little things going on that we had no idea about! I love looking at my photos with my friends and family and hearing their stories about our wedding! 
My family can't stop talking about how much they love our wedding photos. My married friends have even told me they wish they wouldn't have spent so much time taking posed photos and spent more time with their guests like we did (which was suggested by Jaimie! Thank you for that Jaimie!) 
I would recommend Jaimie to anyone getting married! 

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"If I could give jaimie 1000 stars, I would. Our wedding photos are amazing!"

Most people don't like having their picture taken. I also know the thought of having a camera in your face all day can be intimidating. Good news: I won't actually have my camera in your face all day. Throughout most of the day I'm usually just a fly on the wall. With a camera. I will sometimes get close, but never in a way that causes you to be aware of me, or invades your personal space. 

For most of your wedding day, I will be very quiet. It's because I'm on a treasure hunt for special moments. I want to give time and space for those moments to happen. I'm working very hard, and I will move around a lot, but never without intention, and always as un-intrusively as possible. 

I don't orchestrate, or stage moments. For example, when you're getting dressed, I'm never going to stop things and like, ask you peek over your shoulder at your mom with your shoulder rolled back and your chin tilted just right and pretend to wipe away a tear (insert eye roll emoji here). I'm going to let it happen how it happens. (And if you just tried to roll your shoulder back and tilt your chin, I'm going to bet it felt awkward, lol.) I don't want your memories of your wedding day to be full of me giving you directions and making you do things you don't want to do. 

You don't have to be anything for me. Your people don't have to do anything for me. You do not have to perform for me. I will never ask you to do stupid shit, and I will never make you do anything that you don't want to do (and that includes traditions that make you uncomfortable). And I promise, promise, promise, I'll never ask ANYONE to fake laugh. 

It is ok to make your wedding about you, not photos. You do what you want and I will capture it. 

I am your advocate. We can talk about how to schedule your day that makes it about the people and the things you value, not about photos. It's important to have an experience with the important people in your lives on your wedding day, therefore, it's important to set aside intentional time to be with them. This can be 30 minutes that you spend just with your wedding party. It can be your cocktail hour. It can be a small toast with your families just after family photos. 



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