I am a historian and documentarian. I focus on documenting moments and connections between people. Real moments with the people you love never goes out of style. It will never look dated. It will always be something you look back on fondly.
Weddings are so important because it's the only time that exact group of people will be together in one place.
I create a safe space that allows you to interact with each and show your true selves. Your smiles will be real, the laughter will be contagious, and your body language and facial expressions will be genuine. You'll feel comfortable and you'll have fun.
I promise I'll never orchestrate moments or make you or your wedding party do stupid stuff. You have permission to just be you. It's never about me. It's always, always about you.

you have permission to make your wedding day not about photos.

A little bit about Me + what I do


jaimie perfectly captured the intimate moments of our wedding day."



I'm jaimie. queen of the awkward. Original werid kid. cat + dog lover. new mom. hater of pants. dismantler of diet culture.

I believe in all kinds of love, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, "coolness" factor, etc. Love is love.

I enjoy long walks through Target with an overpriced coffee. Afternoons spent thrifting with friends. Evenings spent on a patio with my husband. Finding the perfect ink pen. Crocheting on the couch. Watching my daughter grow. 

I make being photographed fun. I turn awkwardness into awesomeness. I can in shoot ANY kind of light and make it look fantastic. My 20 years of experience means my knowledge is invaluable to my clients, and it's definitely what sets me apart from others.

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"Jaimie has an ease about her that made us feel confident & comfortable in her presence."